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With Boom Ideanet we never run out of fresh ideas. We’ve turned to Boom to source a range of creative ideas, from graphic designs and promotional concepts to web content and campaign ideas.

Shane McCall, VP, Creative Director of PetSmart

Boom worked with us to prepare a brief, engage their network and turned over a wealth of great ideas. We moved right into production and now have inspired advertising to show for it.

Troy Lott, President/Executive Producer, Intake Studios

Brand Identity and Logo Design from Boom Ideanet

The network features experienced talent with deep experience in design thinking and 360 degree brand expression. A logo in isolation is one thing, but entirely another to evaluate how a logo design or brand identity or other brand asset communicates in context. So the designer must be able to conceive and apply elements in ways that are respectful of the over-arching message and business goals.

Our clients recognize that the Boom model functions as an ideal way to invite disciplined design thinkers to offer up fresh ideas surrounding a brand. Furthermore, unlike other crowdsourcing platforms, the Boom model also allows for our creative talent in the Ideanet to work with in-house teams and stimulate the in-house team’s thinking around a brand refresh.

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We've been able to help with brand identity and logo design for many clients, and with the Boom crowdsourcing model, we are able to deliver stimulating, quality creative assets in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost than it would take elsewhere. In fact, in just 72 hours, Boom delivered rebranding concepts to a Fortune 400 retailer, PetSmart, who was exploring a new look and feel.

In just 72 hours, Boom delivered stimulating visual assets to a PetSmart In-House creative agency charged with exploring a new brand look and feel. A massive branding project, PetSmart was looking to refresh its look across virtually every venue, from store associate break rooms to point of sale signage to YouTube channel.  In this particular case, we assigned six talents, guaranteed them minimum compensation and awarded them additional dollars for elements appropriated for the final campaign. Just one example of the many ways Boom Ideanet is the perfect resource for accessing fresh thinking, on-demand, when faced with branding, rebranding, logo design or identity challenges.

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"With Boom Ideanet, we never run out of fresh ideas. We've turned to Boom to source a range of creative ideas. " - Shane McCall. VP, Creative Director, PetSmart

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