Peter Drucker: “Take Control Of Your Career”

By December 12, 2014 March 10th, 2017 News

BN-FZ134_bkrvdr_FR_20141211133246rMatthew Rees, of Geonomica, reviews what is likely the next must-read “business” book in The Wall Street Journal today, 12/12/2014. (Here’s a link to the review, but WSJ is fiesty about allowing non-subscribers access, even temporarily). The title: A Year With Peter Drucker, 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness, by Joseph A. Maciariello.

From the review: “In one chapter—titled “A Major Period of Transition for Society and Individuals”—Mr. Maciariello highlights Drucker’s views about an era marked by “enormous uncertainty and danger”: Drucker was speaking in 1992, but his descriptions ring true today. He emphasized the need for workers to “manage themselves,” given that they are likely to outlive the organizations that employ them. “Take control of your career,” writes Mr. Maciariello in a kind of paraphrasing epigram, “while developing your own human capital.”

It might be said that Mr. Drucker set the stage for a theme that Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) would one day echo with his expression, “Be the entrepreneur of your own life.

We like to think that Boom Ideanet offers creative free-agents, opportunities to engage in work on their terms — and build their human capital. Not to mention currency capital. Which suggests another Boom theme: A more rewarded network generates more rewarding work for our clients.

Could indeed be a worthy read for solo entrepreneurs as well as the “corporate.” We’re sure you can find a copy – possibly even at one of the few bricks and mortar book entrepreneurs remaining.