We run a lean team that maintains the network, administers briefs, manages projects and links you to a world of idea energy. It keeps costs low. Ours and yours.

steve wood


Drawing on 25+ years as a creative director and account planner, Steve sparked the initial connections that became Boom. He brought ad agency experience, an initial network of talented creators, a welcoming attitude to the digital age, and an eagerness to “figure it out.” Brand experience: Blockbuster, Walmart, McDonald’s, Capital One, USAA and more…

dan lutz

Dan Lutz – Creative Director/Collaborator/Mentor

A novel creative director for a novel creative department. Dan has the diplomatic skills to bridge the gap between a remote client and an even more remote team of creative problem-solvers. Plus the skill to see the nugget of a good idea and the savvy to nurture it. He’s the right balance of director and collaborator, honed on brands in retail, packaged goods, and financial services, on brands like Farmland Foods, Cooks Ham, Hostess, MetLife, GE Insurance, Mutual Of Omaha, Commerce Bank, Bayer Animal Health.

michelle badge

Michelle Wiedel – Producer/Smile Inducer

Michelle serves as a producer/project manager. It’s no wonder she’s a photographer on the side. She has a knack for making others smile, even when the pressure’s on. Michelle brings an account management background to her producer savvy, honed on Army, ExxonMobil and MLB, while at McCann in NYC.

patty byrnes

Patty Byrnes – Financial Guru/Business Stabilizer

Patty is the business person that keeps us real, in a world where much is virtual. She’s the cash flow guru that makes it possible for Boom to beat the typical freelance pay cycle (you know: …you get paid way off in the future, if at all!) She stays on top of that so our talent is paid fairly and promptly and our clients are served promptly and fairly.