Intake Studios Turns To Boom For Ideasourcing

By September 23, 2014 March 19th, 2019 Marketing Proof, News

Many commercial production companies enjoy direct-to-client relationships, just as Intake Studios does. While Intake has very talented people on their team, they don’t always have the in-house resources appropriate to develop the ideas and scripts to address the marketing challenges of a client.
Intake tapped Boom Ideanet to crowdsource ideas for its client Hartman Oil and the results exceeded expectations.

Troy Lott, President/Executive Producer of Intake Studios ( had this to add, “We have direct relationships with some clients who rely on us to develop the creative. Without writers on-staff, we usually turn to freelancers, which are not always available on our schedule. Then we learned about Boom Ideanet. They worked with us to prepare a brief, engage their network of copywriters and art directors and turned over a wealth of great ideas. Our client, Hartman Oil, loved the ideas and the process. We moved right into production and now have inspired advertising to show for it.”

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