Agency Taps Boom For Category & Channel Expertise

By September 23, 2014 March 19th, 2019 Marketing Proof, News

Businesses are free to disclose the fact that they are working with Boom, or Boom can be a “silent partner,” which was the case with this noted Midwest ad agency. The firm was pursuing a banking account and wanted to bolster its creative resources for the pitch.

The well-established agency faced a new challenge with an existing customer. Though the shop had a strong background in retail banking, as well as a solid  with an AOR relationship with a regional bank,the RFP demanded specific knowledge in a credit card product, which the shop had never previously pitched. Boom signed on a set of specialists from the Ideanet who conceived eight concepts, which were delivered as initial comps in four days. The agency CD reviewed the concepts and shared feedback. Two of the concepts were further finessed by Boom and packaged up for presentation. The entire sequence, from creative brief to finished comps, took 8 days.

The result was a presentation that exhibited deep knowledge of direct mail and of financial services.

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