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PetSmart Triples The Power Of Its Budget

By September 23, 2014March 19th, 2019Marketing Proof, News

PetSmart, like most brands today, is challenged to deliver more content with a flat marketing budget. Boom Ideanet, LLC, which has introduced an entirely new approach to crowdsourced advertising, has more than satisfied the demands of the Fortune 400 retailer.

The pet specialty brand has worked with Boom Ideanet since January 2011, as an alternative to the typical agency of record. Boom, working with PetSmart’s in-house agency, helped the retailer dramatically reduce the cost of on-brand idea development and triple its volume of broadcast advertising production.

“With Boom Ideanet, we have had the opportunity to expand the creativity of our advertising and stretch our advertising dollars,” said John Alpaugh, then Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for PetSmart. “And, because of the discipline and organization Boom brought to developing the Ideanet, we have also delivered on-brand, consistent messages with high production values that have helped to grow our business.”

Learn how PetSmart also took top honors from AdAge/ACE Metrix for its holiday campaign, created and produced by Boom.