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With Boom Ideanet we never run out of fresh ideas. We’ve turned to Boom to source a range of creative ideas, from graphic designs and promotional concepts to web content and campaign ideas.

Shane McCall, VP, Creative Director of PetSmart

Boom worked with us to prepare a brief, engage their network and turned over a wealth of great ideas. We moved right into production and now have inspired advertising to show for it.

Troy Lott, President/Executive Producer, Intake Studios

Naming and Slogans from Boom Ideanet

Crowdsourcing a company name is an ideal way to tap into Boom Ideanet. And not just companies. Crowdsourcing is a highly productive approach to naming and slogans for products,  promotions, yes, you name it Opportunities are endless.

A number of businesses, from start-ups to brands to ad agencies have engaged the idea energy of Boom to secure a volume of fresh naming ideas. Of course, there are some very high dollar firms who purport to bring highly strategic thinking to these challenges. Which is all good. But sometimes you just want a stream of ideas with just baseline input.

Boom can be your go-to resource. Quickly. And affordably. Boom Ideanet’s process is built to work off of a brief and from that direction, yield a host of stirring, unexpected ideas. You receive more ideas, and higher quality ideas with Boom’s vetted, professional network.

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See the Ideanet in Action

Fox Restaurant Concepts, a highly successful restaurateur, employed the Boom model to generate naming ideas for a new restaurant that would be a fast, casual variation on the healthful True Food concept owned by Fox Restaurant Systems.  Fox Restaurant Concepts typically conceives and develops its concepts in-house and taps outside creative resources as needed. Using our on-demand resources, and project-based model, Boom helped prepare a brief and invited the Ideanet to chime in. Within just a few days, the Ideanet had contributed over 500 names and turned them over to the FRC creative team. Many of the Ideanet creators went so far as to provide logo designs and taglines.

"We're a highly creative business. It drives everything we do, from food to menus to environment to names. We like tapping Boom because we know they treat talent fairly, while FRC gets a world of great thinking. " - David Fox. Creative Director, Fox Restaurant Concepts

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