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Naming and Slogans

Boom Ideanet offers you a powerful name and slogan idea generator. Imagine tapping a deep pool of naming and tag lines ideas for companies, products, and promotions. Businesses from start-ups to brands to ad agencies, from beverages to fashion, from restaurants to pharmaceuticals, have engaged the abundant idea energy of Boom. You won’t be asking users for off-the-cuff ideas. You’ll be engaging disciplined, experienced creators to secure a surprising volume of ideas that will rival those of high-end naming shops. Make Boom your go-to naming resource.

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See the Ideanet in Action

  • Restaurant concept: 900 ideas
  • New soft drink line with flavor names: 1200 ideas
  • Energy drink tag lines: 600 ideas
  • New pharmaceutical product: round one, 1000 ideas, round two, 550 ideas
  • Online medical training program: 300 ideas
  • Fashion line label: 350 ideas
  • Breakthrough wooden boat coating: 900 ideas
  • And hundreds more…
“We’re a highly creative business. It drives everything we do, from food to menus to environment to names. We like tapping Boom because we know they treat talent fairly, while FRC gets a world of great thinking. “ – David Fox. Creative Director, Fox Restaurant Concepts

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