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“Given our media schedule, we require a relatively high volume of broadcast advertising. With Boom Ideanet we never run out of fresh ideas. We’ve turned to Boom to source a range of creative ideas, from graphic designs and promotional concepts to web content and campaign ideas.”

-Shane McCall, VP, Creative Director of PetSmart

“With Boom Ideanet, we’ve had the opportunity to expand the creativity of our advertising and stretch our advertising dollars. And, because of the discipline and organization Boom brought to developing the ideanet, we have also delivered on-brand, consistent messages with high production values that have helped to grow our business.”

-John Alpaugh, as SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of PetSmart

“We have direct relationships with some clients who rely on us to develop the creative. Without writers on-staff, we usually turn to freelancers, which are not always available on our schedule. Then we learned about Boom Ideanet. They worked with us to prepare a brief, engage their network of copywriters and art directors and turned over a wealth of great ideas. Our client, Hartman Oil, loved the ideas and the process. We moved right into production and now have inspired advertising to show for it.”

-Troy Lott, President/Executive Producer, Intake Studios

“With a traditional agency, we get a handful of ideas. With Boom Ideanet, we get dozens!”

-Caryn Stichler
, Vice President of Marketing
 at Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc.


“Boom Ideanet is one of the best crowdsourcing platforms; their briefs are very well crafted, enough to inspire me come up with great ideas and get rewarded.”

-B.H., Writer, Algeria

“Boom is the real deal and it’s been a rewarding way to spend my surplus creative energies.”

-C.C., Copywriter and Art Director

“I like the way Boom Ideanet is set up. It avoids the “winner takes all’ approach. I get the chance to improve and learn how to produce winning ideas.”

-F.R., Owner and Copywriter

“Boom Ideanet is one of the good guys in the Crowdsourcing arena. The team in charge here communicates brilliantly for the briefs and timely for the results. Boom Ideanet has a very fair compensation structure. In most of the briefs that I have participated in, I have gotten compensated. It’s one of the few sites where there is participation payment.”

-K.B., Copywriter and Designer

“I was initially skeptical of any sort of crowdsourcing. But Boom Ideanet is different. It is set up to respect freelancers’ time, anonymity and intellectual property. Many freelancers in the Kansas City market look to me for professional guidance and I now see Boom as a project resource worth considering.”

-Julie Cortes, Founder of The Freelance Exchange, Owner and CopyDiva

“I like how Boom Ideanet helps me bring in a little extra money while I’m in between freelance gigs.”

-F. L., Business Owner, Art Director, Strategist & Planner

“I love the opportunity to solve problems for clients when and where I can work. The briefs are well written and it’s a welcome challenge that’s fun and rewarding. There’s less pressure compared to a traditional agency assignment and that helps me think more freely and have more fun. Also, I truly appreciate compensation for participating, it proves that Boom Ideanet has respect for my time and appreciates my contributions even if the idea doesn’t win.”

– L.E., ‎Entrepreneur, Freelance Art Director/ACD