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Boom Ideanet. Crowdsourcing, Civilized.

At Boom Ideanet, we believe that technology and creativity have the power
to democratize the way work is done.

To cultivate opportunity and equality for all in the workplace,
Boom promises to:

  • Offer a cost advantage to clients without taking advantage of creators.
  • Protect the confidentiality of the client’s business information and respect the intellectual property of the originator


  • Seek a balance between competition and compensation.
  • Address genuine challenges with original solutions.
  • Reward more contributors more equitably.

Crowdsourcing. In a way, it’s just a buzzword for the way the world has always worked. We human beings are idea generators. All of progress is the result of individuals who have applied their idea energy to move the world forward.

The only difference is that now we have unequaled connectivity, ubiquitous technology, disciplined marketers and a new willingness to have work performed by distributed individuals rather than geographically concentrated laborers. Boom is doing everything in its power to respect that labor and to civilize the principles and the practice of crowdsourcing.

A more rewarded crowd produces more rewarding outcomes.