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Everything You Need to Know about Crowdsourcing Ads … Before Your CEO Asks.

It’s the Super Bowl® and The Ad Bowl, all wrapped up in one super-hyped package of anticipation. Regardless of how the game goes, the advertising will stir attention and conversation. And maybe even drive some business! In years past, Doritos® has crashed the Super Bowl with crowdsourced ads. This year they are taking a different approach, but it still begs the question: With the proven success brands like Doritos have had, on the biggest advertising stage in the world, should your company consider using crowdsourcing?

In the week following the Big Game, your CEO may ask, “What is this crowdsourcing thing? What happened to Doritos? Why aren’t we doing it?” Are you prepared to respond?

Download the eBook so you’re armed with answers.

Now, it’s anyone’s game out there in crowdsourcing country. Make it yours. Read the ebook. Be the MVP. Or at least be ready to play when your CEO asks, “Should we be tapping into “the crowd?”

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