Music Composition

In a way, the commercial music business has always been “crowdsourced.” Typically agencies go to a select set of music houses to get demos. The music houses go to their own group of composers. And the next thing you know, you have a half-dozen or so sample tracks. Boom Ideanet allows brands and marketers a platform of doing this on a larger scale, and at a lower cost. The Ideanet features a set of commercial composers with surprising range and versatility. We’ve sourced original songs and jingles and have handled post-scoring assignments. The Boom Ideanet model of composing original music has been used for broadcast television spots, broadcast radio spots, corporate videos, web videos and much more. The music composition work spans across various industries as well. With Boom Ideanet, we allow your brand or organization to access and tap into some of the top talent with a wide range of experience in music composition. You’re able to receive and review more original compositions for songs and jingles, and at a fraction of the cost of obtaining these music compositions through other avenues.

Here are just a few sample tracks composed by Ideanet members for briefs hosted by Boom Ideanet. In both sample tracks below, music was created to be used in commercial television spots which would air nationally. Turn up your sound and take a listen.