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Seems like everyone is looking for content strategies and social content today. Blog postings, copy for linking strategies, marketing write-ups, white papers, branded editorial and more. The Boom network boasts writers with varied backgrounds in a number of categories and can handle writing needs from the purely conversational to the highly technical. We’ve had clients and partners use our model to tap into professional writers in order to develop original, thought-provoking content. Such was the case with InSource. We were able to hand select Ideanet writers with relevant backgrounds and asked nearly 30 of our members to contribute content. Employing the Boom Ideanet model, InSource was able to provide and promote quality content for their members on their website, email marketing and in social media in an on-going manner.

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See the Ideanet in Action

A prime example of how crowdsourcing can be used to generate ideas for your brand is the 2014 PetSmart Holiday Advertising Campaign.

Petsmart tapped into Boom’s network of vetted creative talent, and within days, the network submitted more than 200 campaign concepts. PetSmart then selected “Thank You Notes” as the winning concept. Boom produced the concepts into a national TV campaign including 30-second and 15-second spots.

The resulting PetSmart 2014 Holiday Campaign was named one of the Top Ten Holiday Ads by AdAge and Ace Metrix.

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“The Petsmart campaign had extraordinary breakthrough power necessary to rise above the noise of the season and to drive performance for the brand” – Ace Metrix CEO

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