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Account Planning and Strategy with Boom Ideanet


Sharing finished work is easy to do and creative assets are easy to hand over. It’s a little more challenging to share strategy and planning. The Ideanet, Boom’s network of professional, vetted thinkers, does feature researchers, account planners and strategists. While some challenges are less “crowd-source-able” – we are able to take a challenge, and then design and execute research in order to help you get to an insight-driven brief. We can also have a set of planners examine your draft brief and offer up suggestions for ways to drive more relevant or more provocative creative development. We have worked in this way with a number of our clients, from startups, to new product concepts such as Fox Restaurants to Fortune 4oo retailers such as PetSmart, and have seen great results from employing our planners and strategists throughout the process.

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See the Ideanet in Action

A prime example of how crowdsourcing can be used to generate ideas for your brand is the 2014 PetSmart Holiday Advertising Campaign.

Petsmart tapped into Boom’s network of vetted creative talent, and within days, the network submitted more than 200 campaign concepts. PetSmart then selected “Thank You Notes” as the winning concept. Boom produced the concepts into a national TV campaign including 30-second and 15-second spots.

The resulting PetSmart 2014 Holiday Campaign was named one of the Top Ten Holiday Ads by AdAge and Ace Metrix.

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“The Petsmart campaign had extraordinary breakthrough power necessary to rise above the noise of the season and to drive performance for the brand” – Ace Metrix CEO

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