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4 Days. 9 Creators. 46 Adcepts. In Production. Boom.

By January 10, 2017March 19th, 2019Marketing Proof, News

Consultancy Makes Boom Its Virtual Creative Department.

A New York Consultancy now turns to Boom to generate creative concepts for clients in the health and pharma category. One example involved the launch campaign for an innovative medical device. 

Historically, this New York Consultancy with deep strategic experience in the pharma and health field, relied on a narrow pool of freelancers to address its clients’ creative needs. Beginning in 2016, they turned to Boom to essentially become its creative department – from concept through production. In this example, Boom developed the over-arching marketing concept for an innovative, early-warning medical device.

The consultancy provided a thorough brief, rooted in extensive insights. Boom tapped creatives with medical experience to address the brief. The project moved quickly. In just four days, the network generated 46 adcepts —ad-like objects with visuals and headlines. A subset was selected for a brainstorming session to include the client. On the heels of the initial review, selected concepts were refined, brought into a consistent format, and taken to research.

Based on consumer feedback, a winning concept was chosen. Boom has now executed the idea in a variety of channels, from trade show booths, print ads and sell sheets to email and digital placements. Executions incorporated original artwork and branding elements to be carried forward into long-term marketing efforts.