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5 Teams. 85 Ideas. Pharma Account Won. Boom.

By October 1, 2016March 19th, 2019Marketing Proof, News

Firm Wins Pharma Account With Boom On The Team.

For a time, a New York Consultancy specializing in the health and pharma field turned to a narrow pool of freelancers to address creative needs. Beginning in 2016, the firm has relied on Boom to provide boundless creative resources – from concept through production, in both B2B and B2C marketing communications.


In a major pitch for the B2C introduction of a new drug targeting post-stroke symptoms, Boom delivered an account-winning concept. The project began with an in-depth background document rooted in consumer research and the agency’s extensive category knowledge. Once the challenge was live, Boom hosted a digital Q&A session in which the agency presented the brief and fielded questions from Boom creatives around the globe.

Five teams, made up of creatives with and without pharma experience, generated more than a dozen initial concept boards, with copy platforms and visual approaches. These were compiled and shared with the consultants.

Based on their input, Boom took the lead as creative director and guided the refinement and expansion of selected concepts. The result: over 85 video, print, social media and digital executions. Five of the conceptual platforms were taken to research and presented with the support of consumer responses. One idea emerged as the winning concept and one firm emerged as the winner of the business – the Boom client!

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