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The web exploded on the scene as a text-based medium. But as bandwidth has grown, the preference for video just keeps ramping upwards. That’s why demand for video content is literally exploding. But where do brands and businesses turn to generate all that content? Boom Ideanet is the perfect resource. Boom gives marketers access to a rich pool of experience for concept, scripting and production. We can work with your organization on a single part of this process, or help see the project through from start to finish.

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Our experience in web video is vast. Featured here are just a few of the web videos that Boom and PetSmart launched online. The web videos were paired with web content and featured within a complete social media campaign, showcasing these short, viral videos. Each video in the series of spots is intended to seed the branding idea that we’re all inspired by pets. The full series is viewable at this link: #inspiredbypets.

The Boom team worked with PetSmart’s in-house agency to produce six :15 second videos of natural, transformational pet moments any pet parent can relate to. We licensed popular music, as well.


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