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10 Days. 60 Concepts. 22 Creators. Boom.

By July 12, 2017March 19th, 2019Marketing Proof, Showcase

Massage Envy Taps Boom For Retail TV Campaign 

Massage Envy launched a new branding campaign in Spring 2017 around the theme: “Making The Best Of Every Body.” The in-house team engaged Boom to explore ways to move the campaign into traffic-driving retail TV.

From a wealth of fresh thinking provided by Boom’s Ideanet, the Massage Envy marketing team choose an engaging “Do More” campaign for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that leveraged brand footage. The Massage Envy team had just produced a series of active lifestyle vignettes to convey its brand message. These scenes included activities from freestyle wheelchairing to bowling. It may seem obvious to use this footage, but Massage Envy wanted to be sure it wasn’t missing out on other creative approaches.

Boom creators generated dozens of concepts using unique promotional themes, visual concepts, stock footage and treatments that could not only be true to the new branding effort, but also bridge promotional windows, from Mother’s Day to the holidays. We turned over all the ideas to ME, they reviewed, identified favorites and shared input. Once the ideas were narrowed down, refinements were addressed and a winning idea chosen.

Then Boom moved into post-production, using the brand footage. From brief to air date, the entire sequence unfolded in less than eight weeks. With the core concept in hand, we moved on to prepare Father’s Day TV and radio.

More. Better. Faster. Smarter. Boom.