7 Days. 31 Concepts. Client WOW’d. Boom.

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Atlantic Coast Agency Disregards Convention.

A mid-size shop who has a long-standing client relationship with a bank recently tested the Boom model. In the wake of bank leadership changes, the shop, looking to deliver robust creative thinking and impress the new team employed the Boom model and received innovative campaign ideas.

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4 Teams. 25 Concepts. 2 Campaigns Pitched. Boom.

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Hot Chicago Shop Runs Cool With Boom As A Resource.

A hot shop in the Chicago market was caught under-staffed when a financial services client requested a fresh take on its branding in the digital space. The firm, pressed for time and in need of ample experienced input, tapped Boom and received more than 25 campaign concepts and dozens of tactical ideas

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2 Teams. 6 Days. 6 Concepts. Winner Chosen. Boom.

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In-House Financial Services Team Breaks The Routine With Boom.

A Boston financial firm’s in-house creative team was challenged by leadership to develop an entirely new marketing approach geared towards its network of financial advisers. Looking to push boundaries while still respecting brand standards, the firm engaged Boom for campaign concepting through execution.

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28 Creators. 100+ Ideas. Back-To-Back Campaigns. Boom.

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Sergeant’s Gets More For Less With Boom.

Sergeant’s engaged Boom Ideanet to develop broadcast advertising for its Fipronil® flea & tick products for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The network generated dozens of ideas against both the 2012 and 2013 briefs. Sergeant’s internal brand team reviewed the ideas, narrowed the set down to three finalists, which were tested, then a winner was chosen.

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Fox Restaurants Capitalizes On Wealth Of Naming Ideas

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Fox Restaurant Concepts is a highly successful restaurateur that conceives and develops its concepts in-house and taps outside creative resources as needed. They recently turned to Boom Ideanet to generate naming ideas for a new concept. We helped them prepare a brief, invited the Ideanet to chime in, and within a few days, 24 creators had contributed over 500 names. FRC actually ended up choosing a name conceived internally, but Boom’s process yielded a host of stirring, unexpected ideas. The award structure was honored and all who contributed were compensated. FRC and the network both look forward to the next challenge. Read More

Web Content With A Celebrity Spin,
featuring Kelly Osbourne

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In the spring of 2014, PetSmart introduced a new service that provides “styling” one’s pet: Pet Expressions. The effort was handled by Golin-Harris, PetSmart’s public relations partner. They engaged fashionista Kelly Osbourne to launch the new service. Boom joined forces with PetSmart’s in-house agency and with Golin to produce a web video, which appeared in social media and PetSmart’s YouTube channel. Read More

Tapping Into Boom For New Business Pitch

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A Midwest ad agency tapped into Boom’s creators’ experience in financial services and direct mail to generate fully-comped concepts for a new business pitch.

Midwest_AgencyBusinesses are free to disclose the fact that they are working with Boom, or Boom can be a “silent partner,” which was the case with this noted Midwest agency. The firm was pursuing a banking account and wanted to bolster its creative resources for the pitch.

The RFP demanded fairly specific knowledge in a credit card product. Boom signed on a set of creative’s who conceived ideas against the brief and took their ideas to comprehensive layouts. The result was a presentation that exhibited deep knowledge of direct mail and of financial services.